An Experimental Laboratory For Healing.

An immersive site-responsive commissioned project for Artspace CWOS Alternative Space at Yale West Campus. 2018

With David Hesse, MD and Demetrios Braddock, MD, of Braddock Labs.  Sound by Derek Piotr. Special thanks to United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation and Mito Action.

Inspired to generate an open dialogue around the complexities of their daughter’s rare mitochondrial disease,Kearns-Sayre Syndrome, Debbie Hesse (artist) and David Hesse (MD) collaborated for the first time in an art context to create this room of beauty, healing and hope.  The phantasmagorical mixed-media light installations serve as mechanisms for visualizing their daughter’s condition, as well as educating the public and exploring future cures.

While not readily visible, the installation contains abstracted scientific data mined from x-ray crystallography, gene editing techniques, and video excerpts from surgical procedures performed by robots and lasers. The soundtrack was created by Sound Composer, Derek Piotr.  Viewers are invited to manipulate the lights and create novel shapes, perhaps recognizing through art, how transformative processes are often life-affirming.

Sarah Fritchey, Curator at Artspace

Photo taken by Leigh Busby. David Hesse with Graham Hebel at Yale West Campus for CWOS (below)

 Photo taken by Graham Hebel.  Debbie Hesse interacting with the public during festival.(below)Detail installation view. Photo by Helen Klisser During(below) David Hesse MD discussing the Krebs Cycle with festival-goers.  Yale West Campus. (below)Photo by Helen Kissner During (below)