My ongoing series, Sway.Shift, invents a parallel underwater habitat filled with plant life suggestive of the deep ocean created through color, light, sound and movement. My artwork is informed by current aquacultural research that seeks alternative food sources through our untapped natural resource: ocean farming. The future of food production is a global concern identified in recent space explorations both real and imagined. Mars One, the NASA expedition, offers a roadmap to colonize Mars by 2025. The recent science-fiction movie, Interstellar, searches for viable intergalactic oceans to save humankind. While distant, unchartered territories may hold answers to our planet's survival, local initiatives to explore our own unchartered territories that cover most of the globe may offer solutions for food energy.

I have been exploring this increasingly growing global concern for future food production very locally. In Branford, CT,  where there is a rich, cross sector community of innovators and activists working together to make alternative food source real and sustainable.  Local/global thinkers have infused my ideas about found and renewable elements that resonate in my recent videos, prints and installations. Drawing inspiration from my own community of aquacultural activists, scientists, farmers, educators and chefs, I hope my drawings, constructions and videos help illuminate the incredibly inventive possibilities for future sea farming currently in development.